Yams: Healthy Starchy Carb

If you are looking for a healthy alternative for other starchy foods, yam can be the best option. This is a nutritious and delicious food which is perfect for a meal or snack. People who are prone to diabetes, heart failures, and blood pressure problem, or presently experiencing these diseases can switch to yam.

Yams | Your Healthy Starchy Carb

Yam, which is cultivated naturally and requires no pesticides, is very safe to human health. The following nutrients make yam a healthy food for everyone.

1. Low calorie. Obese, overweight or fat people can eat yam as part of the meal and snack in order to limit the intake of other unhealthy starchy foods. Some people who eat yam feel full right away. 100g of yam contains 118 calories.

2. Rich in soluble fiber. This kind of fiber is essential in lowering bad cholesterol or LDL. It can be dissolved in water and bind with fats in order to be released out of the body. Eating 100g yam provides 4.1g of fiber.

On the other hand, fiber makes the stomach full longer because it takes time for it to be digested. But it aids in a healthy digestive process.

3. Good source of vitamin C. If you lack this vitamin, you can eat some yams in order to get this vitamin. When you eat 100g yam you can get 17.1mg of vitamin C.

Vitamin C is essential for strong immune system and healthy skin.

4. Potassium. This element takes part in stabilizing heart and blood rates. Those who have heart and blood problems can stay calm from eating yams. There are 816mg of potassium in every 100g of yam.

Find the detailed list of nutrients found in yams in this USDA report.

There are reasons why some starchy foods are healthy choices. They are not only beneficial in fighting empty stomach but in giving overall good health.

Learn about choosing, preparing, and storing yams on “Yams nutrition facts”.

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