Wild Alaskan Salmon: Your Source of Health Power

According to Irish legends, The Salmon of Knowledge, the one who can catch and eat the magical salmon in the underground rivers of Mayo will gain all wisdom, strength and good fortune. Now, who doesn’t want to eat MORE salmon?

Wild Alaskan Salmon: Your Source of Health Power

Well, let me tell you a secret (this is no secret at all). We can also gain those three special powers mentioned above (in a way) just by eating salmon. Not convinced? Below are facts that will support this statement:


  • Wild salmon is widely known to contain omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids helps the nerve cells in our brain to communicate better, which increases our memory and brain efficiency. This allows our brain to store more knowledge and think faster.
  • Pregnant and nursing women are also recommended to eat salmon because of the omega-3 which helps baby’s brain development and learning capability.


  • Omega-3 fatty acids in salmon also help improve heart performance. It helps prevent heart problems such as high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke.
  • According to the Nutritional Facts of Alaskan Salmon, 3.5 ounce of Alaskan salmon contains 20 grams of protein and 6.5 grams of fat, summing up to about 142 calories. Recent studies show that salmon protein provides support for  joint cartilage and may also reduce the risk of colorectal cancer

Good Fortune

  • Studies show that eating salmon makes you happier. It lowers the risk of depression and ADHD. It is a mood booster due to the high protein and omega-3 it contains.
  • Eating salmon is good for the skin. The omega-3 it contains has anti-inflammatory effects.

You may not get all the wisdom, fortune and strength mentioned in the legends but being healthy just by eating the right food, like salmon, will make you powerful.

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New research reveals that eating oily fish like wild salmon once or twice a week may increase your lifespan.

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By Daniel N. Alexander
“A healthy body, for a beautiful lifestyle!”

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