Why Are There More Obese Poor Children Than Rich?

The new statistics showing that poorest children have higher tendency to become obese intrigues many people around the world. This result is very ironic considering that the rich have plenty of food and can eat anything they want. They can easily go to fast food stores or simply call the store to send them the order because they have money. But this is not what the various researches show.

Poor Kids Is Obese than Rich
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Studies or Researches

1.  England

The freshest study, that came out earlier this year, 2013, is the one revealed by the Health Minister of England Anna Soubry. According to her observations as she visited some primary and elementary schools in England, the poor children had wider waistlines than the rich. Though there were rich students who were obese too, the majority was the poor.

The conclusion that the poor children are twice higher to become obese is supported by statistical result. For the primary students, 12.3% of the poor students were obese. Whereas, there was only 6.8% obese students in the group of rich students.

For the sixth-grader students, there was 24.3% obese students in the group of poor students. But there was only 13.7% obese students in the rich group.

Read here for more information and statistical graphs about this study.

overweight and obese school kids by parents income group

2. USA

In 2007, the study conducted in more than 40, 000 children revealed that the poor were twice to be obese than those who were well-off. The period from 2003-2007 showed that this group of children had a 23% increase for being obese.

Another study found in NHANES report showed that the obesity rate was higher for White boys and girls who belonged to the low-income family.

Nationally, in 2009, children and adolescents aged 2-19 years were 1.7 higher to be obese.

Detailed and brief report about the obesity rates of American children, adolescents, and adults can be found on “Relationship Between Poverty and Overweight or Obesity”.

3. Developing Countries

According to the study of Caballero which was documented in the paper entitled “Introduction. Symposium: Obesity in developing countries: biological and ecological factors”, 2001, malnutrition in developing countries can be a factor why people like children will likely to obese.

For instance, China has the general obesity rate of below 5%, but in other cities within this country, the obesity rate is higher than 20%.

The scientific explanation for this is that the endocrine glands during malnutrition will encourage the fat deposition and the development of more fat cells for body energy supply while food is still scarce. So when the malnourished individuals will have ample food, fat development is higher due to more fat cells available.

Reasons for Obesity among Poor Families

1. Poor families are more likely to buy junk foods that are high in salt, sugar, and fat contents as they are not exposed to such the benefit of healthy diet. Foods high in fat and carbohydrates and those full of sugar are cheap, energy-dense, nutrient poor and filling. Some even suspect the foods are addictive.

2. The unavailability of cooking materials and cooking places drive them to buy from fast food stores.

3.  Fresh fruits and vegetables are scarce on the table of poor families. Poor families always believe that healthy foods are expensive and luxury for them. But, is healthy food really expensive? Contrary to popular belief, it can actually cost more to eat badly. In fact, a new government report finds that nutritious foods – such as grains, vegetables, fruit and dairy – typically cost less than items high in saturated fat and added sugars. Click here to read the full article.

4. Poor families have less time and money spent for exercise.

5. Poor families cannot afford health check-ups or consultations.

6. Poor families live in places that are more stressful and have more emotional burdens. This encourages them to eat unhealthy, processed foods for quick relief.

7. Poor children often go to restaurants because of free entertainment.  This puts them closer to eating processed foods. People with higher incomes can be selective about restaurants.

“Obesity is an expression of limited resources”  “Solutions really lie in education, instruction, access to healthy foods and being able to afford healthy foods.” – Dr. Adam Drewnowski, director of the Center for Public Health Nutrition at the University of Washington.

Read on “Research finds the poor are more obese to know more why children love restaurants and fast food stores.

This new study really makes everyone befuddled. But based on the statistics given, this might be true. Helping these children to have healthy diet and healthy weight can be a joint effort of people in a community.

Watch this video in order to learn how a community can help these children.


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