White Potatoes and the Essential Nutrients

White potatoes are common vegetables served as part of a snack or main dish. It can be eaten in the form of French fries, mashed, chips, etc. Many people love to eat them because they can fill in hungry stomach satisfactorily unlike some other snacks. Plus, the taste and smell are neutral which can please the taste of anyone.

White potatoes

Eating white potatoes provides the following nutrients that are needed by the body.

1. Good source of calories. 100g potato contains 77 calories. Calories are important in giving the needed energy by the body in order to continue its daily processes. Since white potatoes belong to the complex carbohydrates, their calories last longer in the body keeping you full.

2. Loaded with healthy fiber. Fiber is essential for the digestive system, blood, cells, and tissues. They help regulate the excretion of waste including unhealthy fats and harmful bacteria in the gut and intestines. There are 2.2g of fiber in every 100g potato.

3. Rich source of potassium.  This element or vitamin is responsible for healthy and normal blood pressure. And this is combined with the compounds kukoamines that are known to be important in blood regulation and stability.  Moreover, their low sodium content is another reason why individuals with hypertension love them.

In 100g potato, there are 421mg of potassium, while sodium is only at 6mg.

There are so many health benefits that are given by white potatoes to humans. But they may not be ideal to diabetic people as opined in the article NUTRITION INFORMATION FOR WHITE POTATOES

The starchy carbs white potatoes have been around for several centuries. They serve as staple food for many, and as enjoyable ingredients in various menus. They are cheap sources of the essential nutrients which are available all year round.

Read here for the detailed information about the origin, growth, kinds, and uses of white potatoes.

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