Trout: Heart-Healthy Meat

Not all meat sources are good for the health. The meat can be fatty which is detrimental to your health. But choosing a lean meat is the best. It keeps you healthy and away from diseases such as heart failure, and obesity.

There can be many sources for lean meat. And one of the cheapest and most nutritious meat sources is the trout. This is fish that looks like salmon, which can also be a freshwater or saltwater fish.

Trout: Heart-Healthy Meat
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What are the advantages of eating trout to health?

1. Rich in omega-3 fatty acid. This is a heart-friendly nutrient. Doctors always recommend eating food that contains this. Daily meal with omega-3 fatty acid can do a lot of wonders to the body. Instead of taking a supplement, make this as an effective source for this nutrient.

2. Low calorie. If you are into losing fat, you must limit your intake of food that is high in calorie. Too many calories will just be stocked in the body as fats. Too many fats can cause complications to health.

A 100g of raw trout contains 148 calories only.

3. Low saturated fat. Saturated fat is proven to be unhealthy. It sleeps in room temperature. It can clog the arteries which will then lead to heart failure. So always avoid those foods such as meat and oils that are high in saturated fat.

There is 1.149g of saturated in every 100g of raw trout.

4. Rich source of protein. Protein is mostly derived from meat. It is a very important nutrient for muscle building. But only choose lean meat because it contains a few fats.

For other nutrients found in trout, please refer to this USDA report.

Trout can be part of a daily meal. It is good for the heart and many other organs in the body. It is cheap yet delicious, which anybody will love it. They can be prepared into various menus so that every meal is so tasty and exciting.

Read the article “Trout” for various ideas in cooking trout.

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