Top Round Steak Using Grass-Fed Beef

Steak is an all-time favorite food, especially if it is grilled and is tender and flavorful. Top round steak can’t be left behind in food choices. What makes this a good meat is that it has lesser fat, lesser calorie, and more protein. It comes from the areas around the thighs of a beef. It is meaty!

Top Round Steak Using Grass-Fed Beef

For the calorie count of top round beef, you can refer here.

The following are the health benefits from consuming grass-fed beef.

Cattles can eat various foods. They can eat grass and grains. But studies show that grass-fed cattles produce healthier meat.  So this idea becomes a posh in today’s health lifestyle.

Omega 3 is rich in grass-fed beef. Almost all know the importance of omega 3 in the body. It is a fatty acid that is known for making a healthy heart, right? And one good source for this is the leaves of the plants eaten by cattle. The green leaves possess so many essential nutrients.

Aside from omega 3, the linoleic fatty acid which is conjugated is another factor why grass-fed beef is good for the heart. It minimizes diseases related to heart. Plus, it can reduce cancer development, too.

Vitamin E adds another healthy component for this lean meat product for it is a powerful antioxidant. It is known for fighting free radicals caused by stressors. Thus, it protects and rejuvenates body cells.

So, make your heart healthy through choosing lean meat products that are rich in omega 3. Eating grass-fed beef makes other parts of the body healthy, disease-free and young. The like of top round steak offers a good amount of healthy nutrients for the body and tastier meat.

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This month’s featured item is Top Round Steak, a lean cut of meat that can be sold either as a roast or as a steak. The only difference between the roast and the steak is its thickness. A steak is typically 1 1/4 inch thick, whereas

Many people often avoid eating red meat, especially when aiming for fat loss, as it’s been touted as a ‘bad’ food to consume by many dieticians over the years. While it’s true that if you are eating some of the fattier cuts of red meat that are out there you will definitely be racking up just a bit too much saturated fat and calories, if you choose leaner sources such as bison, venison, elk, and ostrich, you will get an incredibly lean protein source and make a great substitute for beef in most recipes.

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