The Truth About High Protein Diets

One fallacy about protein-rich diet is that it will result to bone loss, osteoporosis, and kidney ailments. However, the truth about high protein diets indicates that this regimen can strengthen the bones and sustain muscle mass when people start to age. This is a major factor in maintaining bone health and stop fractures that may result to osteoporosis. When it comes to the health of the kidney, people with no problems in their kidney will not experience any problems when they go through this routine. However, the process may be risky for people who experience chronic kidney ailments. The link between increase protein content and the function of the kidneys is complicated. Due to this, it is necessary for people to understand the link to allow them to decide on their own when it comes to protein intake as well as the health of their bones and kidneys.

The Truth About High Protein Diets

It has yet to be proven that healthy kidneys can be damaged by a protein-rich diet. People have the false impression that the kidneys can be hurt by a high protein diet. This confusion comes from people experiencing chronic kidney ailments since the function of the kidney is hindered by an increase in the intake of protein. It will be necessary for the kidney to increase its filtering rate when a large volume of protein is eaten. This situation is also known as hyperfiltration. However, it remains unproven if the kidney is damaged by this situation. A review, published by a group of researchers, showed that hyperfiltration typically occurs to the adaptive mechanism of a person. This situation is a type of kidney training that is similar to strength training affecting the cardiovascular and muscular systems.

Another misconception is that the health of bones is damaged by a protein-rich diet. However, the truth about high protein diets show a small yet substantial beneficial effect on the health of the bones when protein intake is increased. These beneficial effects include an increase in calcium absorption, bone mass, and strengthening of the muscles. The reason for the misconception may be based on the concept that the diet will result to an imbalance in the acid-base levels and contribute to an increase in calcium excretion. However, no evidence has given indications that it will result in bone loss.

People, who aim to start a protein-rich diet or are currently in a protein-rich diet, should not be apprehensive about bone loss and the health of their kidneys. The truth about high protein diets indicates that the bones are strengthened while enhancing the health of the kidney. It may even be possible for a low protein intake to result to lower bone mineral density. It is also essential to keep in mind that fruits and vegetables should also be included in the diet of a person.

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