The Mediterranean Diet – What Is It, Really?

The misconception about the Mediterranean Diet among the people still prevails in the market today. It would not be a wild guess to assume the relation of this Mediterranean Diet with the people of any specific region. Even so, the specifics about this diet plan are still unknown by many of us.

Mediterranean Diet

Some people create a comparison of this diet plan with the South Beach Diet, which is indeed seems to be a reasonable comparison. This diet plan offers the intake of fresh vegetables and lean meats. Nevertheless, its specifics set the Mediterranean Diet apart from other diet plans.

Things like eggs, red meats and dairy are not often applied in this diet plan. It focuses on the intake of fish as an integral source of animal protein. This is because those who reside in the territories of Mediterranean mostly consume fish. But again, make sure that animal protein comes under the last priorities on the Mediterranean diet.
Above all, fresh fruits and vegetables hold the place. Whole grains and olive oil come second, while the small amount of red wine and wild fish is followed afterwards.

Healthy fats like Omega-3 acid is the marvelous choice to raise the good cholesterol in your body consistently. This intake will help in bringing down the bad cholesterol and enhance the process of super clean combustion of fat. This will finally make your body structure to treat fat as a fuel… as well as your most hated body fat.

Among so many benefits, one of the primary cause why people turned towards in favor of Mediterranean Diet as their weight loss plan includes its wonderful health enhancing benefits. Definitely, this diet plan is not off-base because of its benefits. Its benefits are clear and reasonable on the basis of common sense. In fact, when did the last time you found out about the high intake of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and Omega fatty acids and other rich antioxidants are bad for you? At least, I never heard something like that.

These antioxidant properties of this diet plan help to cure the number one killing disease in the Western World. Yes, you guessed right, its heart disease. It also helps to cure certain forms of cancer. So, this diet is the complete mix of weight loss and good health sharing equal value for both the determinants.

This diet plan is not only secure, effective, logical and healthy… but it is also quite easy to follow. All the ingredients included in this diet plan are easily available in the market. This unique prospect of this diet plan gives it a feeling of convenience that other diet plans failed to offer.

It has been more than 3 years I first heard about a Mediterranean diet plan, but still, I never picked up any word against it. It comes along with the ingredients that your common sense will even tell you their healthy and beneficial aspect. Unaltered grains, fresh produce, fresh wild fish, crisp and lots of good for health cold pressed olive oil is admitted in this diet plan. So, what are you waiting for? Start working on it now.

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