2 Main Factors Causing Weight Gain on the Scale

You may notice that when you weigh yourself daily, your weight fluctuates between days. Or if you weigh yourself in the morning and again at night, your weight will be different. These daily fluctuations can be frustrating and bring us down. Keep in mind that several things may be causing this fluctuation, and it does not mean that your hard work is not worth it!

Can Juicing Lead to Lasting Weight Loss?

Juicing has several benefits, but it is mostly used as a method to lose weight quickly. A lot of dieticians recommend juicing briefly in the ‘detox’ stage of a diet plan so that dieters are ready for the lower calorie program after that. Some diet plans include juicing for a longer period of time. The question is whether juicing results in lasting weight loss, because it’s no use if you gain back all the weight you lost again after a short time.