Stress Not Only Can Cause High Cholesterol, Stress Does Increase Body Fat

In this morning, I received an email from one of my readers. She told me that her cholesterol level has gone up recently. She suspects her work stress does increase the cholesterol level. This is because recently she has to work until midnight to finish up the project for about two months. Hence, she’d like to know does stress at work cause high cholesterol?


Stress Can Cause High Cholesterol & Increase Body Fat


Cholesterol is a body fat content which is essentially good for the body if the dose is right, but there are also bad cholesterol called low-density lipoprotein (LDL) in the blood. If LDL is high, it would endanger health. As you know, when the cholesterol level gone up, it can be the accumulation of fat in the arterial wall and can lead to heart disease or stroke.

During stress, two hormones, cortisol and adrenaline are generated from the hypothalamus, a gland near the brain. These two hormones act as stimuli to release more energy and increase blood flow to the brain. Besides that, cortisol produces more insulin to body with instant energy to face the stress situation. As I mentioned in my previous posts, with the excess of sugar levels, the excess sugar eventually converted to fatty acids and cholesterol. Moreover, work stress can push people toward unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle. These factors contribute to high cholesterol levels too.

Following is a video to show you how stress can increase your cholesterol level and belly fat.

***How STRESS INCREASES CHOLESTEROL AND BELLY FAT | Stress management and cholesterol

Learn how stress drives up your cholesterol, BP and belly fat. You don’t have to use medications to bring cholesterol down. Discover some of the simple solutions that you have direct control over to reduce cholesterol. Natural ways to reduce choleste…

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After the video, following is an article to tell you what are the relationship between stress and cholesterol.

Stress and Cholesterol: What’s the Connection?

Are stress and cholesterol related? It is common knowledge that stress affects health. But does stress cause high cholesterol and what you can do about it?

If you want to learn more, I’d recommend you to read this article too, the cholesterol myth that really causes heart disease.

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“Higher cholesterol.” Unlike Sinatra, most physicians blame cholesterol for causing heart disease. They prescribe cholesterol-lowering statin drugs to their patients with high cholesterol. But Sinatra said he believes only a very small percentage of people who are taking statins actually need …. Remember, reducing stress is not about eliminating the source of stress, such as traffic jams, difficult teenagers, and financial problems. Washington: A Love/Hate Relationship

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