Some Juicing Recipes and Combinations You Should Try Out

It can be a bit overwhelming that there are so many possible combinations of ingredients you can use for juicing. So the recipes given here are some healthy and delicious options for you to try. You can then choose the ones you like and make changes according to your taste.

Juicing Recipes and CombinationsThese are recipes for one serving of juice, measuring about 14-20 ounces. All the figures are estimates, so you can adjust the amounts to suit your preference. You can’t really make bad juice, so feel free to experiment!

Recipe #1: Wake Up Call

Color: Avocado

1) 3 small oranges (peeled, but with the pith)

2) 1 medium zucchini

3) 1 Granny Smith apple, remove the core and seeds.

4) Simply stir and relish immediately.

Recipe #2: Green Giant

Color: Rich, dark green

1) Chopped kale (half a bag)

2) Baby arugula (a couple of leaves)

3) 1 English cucumber (thick and plastic-wrapped)

4) 3 celery stalks

5) 1 parsnip

6) one tomatillo(optional)

Recipe: Beach Baby

Color: Pinkish tan

1) 6 Roma tomatoes

2) ½ cauliflower head

Recipe: Oscar Winner

Color: Brownish plum

1) 1 peeled sweet potato

2) 3 cups of frozen blueberries

3) Tastes excellent. Consistency of a thick smoothie, contains blueberry skin pieces.

Recipe: Mister Green

Color: Regular green

1) 6 ounces of baby spinach

2) 2 peeled cucumbers

3) 3 carrots (no greens)

4) Juice the pulp twice to extract more.

Recipe: Butter Me Up

Color: Yellow-orange

1) 4 peeled small oranges

2) ½ butternut squash (remove the peel and seeds)

3) 1 scallion (optional)

Recipe: Sweet Spinning

Color: Dark avocado

1) 6 ounces leaves of baby spinach

2) 2 small oranges (peeled)

3) 1 Granny Smith apple

4) 1 medium kiwi (If it’s organic, keep the peel)

5) Foamy and sweet.

Recipe: True Peace

Color: Green like pea soup

1) 1/3 bag of chopped kale

2) 2-3 c. watermelon (can use frozen)

3) 2 Small oranges (Valencia)

You need to try different combinations to make juices that are both healthy and taste good too. It takes some time to adjust into the habit of drinking vegetables. You might learn to love some of the juices, while your taste buds may never get partial to others, but that’s fine!

Start a recipe book to write down what ingredients you used in every juice. After trying it, make a note of whether you liked it or not. This will help you figure out what adjustments to make in the future to achieve the perfect combinations. So start juicing right now!

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