Saturday Breakfast: Fried Macaroni & English Tea

I know, today is Tuesday. But this is our last Saturday breakfast that prepared by my lovely wife. Let me share it here. Please leave your comment if you think we can improve on our cooking style and methods :-). Thank you.

First, soak the macaroni overnight (at least 8 hours).

Soak Macaroni Overnight

Then, the next morning, you can start prepare all the main ingredients, i.e. green peas, corns, red chilies, turkey ham, two eggs, and carrot. We use corn oil. This recipe is for two of us. All the figures are estimates, so you can adjust the amounts to suit your preference.

Main Ingredients

First Step:

First Step Macaroni

Second Step:

Fried with Macaroni

Third Step, mix with eggs:

mix eggs

4th Step, fried macaroni is served:


5th Step:

English Tea

Finally, our Saturday Breakfast, Fried Macaroni and English Tea is ready to be served!

Fried Macaroni & English Tea

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