Salad Green, Not Just Lettuce

Bodybuilders always go for the best way to burn fat and build muscle. A body that has plenty of excessive fats may take a long and difficult time to burn fats. The process involves so many exercises and repetitions, and a right balance of food. A group of food that must not be skipped is the salad greens.

Salad Green, Not Just Lettuce
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Salad greens are composed of various green leafy vegetable such as cabbage, lettuce, and spinach. The vegetables are rich in nutrients that can help bodybuilders achieve their goal.

Read on “GREEN FOODS FOR WEIGHT LOSS” for other possible healthy green leafy vegetables. You can make your salad greens varied using them.

Together with the best exercise to lose fat, eating these salad greens can help build the muscle. The following nutrients explain the importance of salad greens in a diet.

1. Low calorie. Calorie is one of the main factors in weight gain. It happens because the calories are unused and stay in the body in the form of fat. Logically, in order to lessen the excess fats, lower the calorie in the diet. This is easy to achieve through eating the salad greens.

2. Rich in fiber. Why is fiber always part in the tips for losing weight? First, fiber provides satiating effect to the body. It takes time for the stomach to digest fiber. Having this curbs the craving of bodybuilders for food. Second, fiber aids in digestion. The nutrients will be absorbed well, and the waste will be excreted smoothly.

3. Pack with other nutrients. The best way to burn fat and build muscle needs plenty of vitamins, which can be taken from salad greens. For instance, bodybuilders can get an abundant load of vitamin, A, B, C, and K.

Bodybuilders can make a complete single meal with healthy salad greens. Try this easy and simple recipe

Salad greens can be tasty if there are fruit and cheese toppings, and delicious and aromatic vinaigrette. This is very easy to prepare as what Chef Mary did in this video.

You can make your own recipes for these meal ideas, which are ideal for fat loss.

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