Raw Blueberries and Weight Loss

Feeling hungry? But wait. You cannot just eat anything reachable if you are into a weight-loss plan. Choose healthy foods. Choose blueberries! These small, dark purple fruits are proven to help anybody who wants to reduce body fat and become slim.

Raw Blueberries and Weight Loss

Just like with most fruits, blueberries contain the necessary nutrients that make them highly recommendable snacks. Let’s look at what these raw blueberries are bragging of.

1. Low calorie. According to the USDA report, 100 g blueberries only contain 57 calories. This is a low amount which is very safe when eaten. Once you know your daily-needed calories, you can manage the amount of blueberries you will eat. Besides, consuming too much of these is impossible because they are loaded with water and fiber.

2. High water. 84.21 g water makes up part of the 100 g blueberries. See how high the water content is. When you eat blueberries, you will get the necessary water that can replenish the lost fluid in your body when you exercise to burn fat. Of course, drinking fresh water is still indispensable.

Read here for the laboratory experiment on how blueberries can help burn fat.

3. Good source of fiber. The contribution of fiber in terms of weight loss is that it gives a feeling of fullness, aside from water. Fiber makes food highly resistance from digestion, of course, it can still be digested. This quality is very important in losing weight because it limits or stops you from eating anything and in large quantity. For instance, you can get 2.4 g of fiber from 100 g blueberries.

For selection, storage, and safety of blueberries, check this short guide entitled “Blueberries nutrition facts”.

Aside from eating raw blueberries, they can also be used in cooking such as the “Blueberry Nectarine Granola Crisp”.

There’s a lot more to learn in preparation and cooking techniques. Watch this video.

Click to watch this video to learn more about Blueberries

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