Pecans as Fountain of Youth

Pecans as Fountain of Youth

Pecans are loved because of their rich, buttery taste. Its name comes from the Algonquin language, which literally means “requiring a stone to crack.” But did you know that pecans are technically not nuts? Yes, these hard-shelled things are drupes in essence. But due to the rich taste that they leave in one’s mouth, they are being grouped together with nuts. And like nuts, pecans in one’s diet lend a plethora of health benefits. Here are some of them.

For a Beautiful Body

  • According to, pecans are great sources of energy, since it can give 690 calories in a heaping of 100 g.
  • Pecans are robust sources of vitamin E and vitamin B-complex. Not only do these compounds help in enzyme metabolism, they also help making the body feel and look young by promoting healthy skin by preventing this organ from oxygen-free radicals.

For Stronger Mind

  • published that there are certain studies that prove that there is evidence that certain properties of pecans play an important role in the protection of the nervous system. Pecans, when incorporated in daily diet, may also delay age-related diseases like ALS.
  • Because pecans contain antioxidants that may help prevent cell damage, eating them prevents diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, according to tests administered.

Lowering Cholesterol

  • Pecans have plant sterols, which are known to lower cholesterol. At the same time, studies suggest that pecans are among foods that when added in a healthy diet that has low cholesterol and saturated fat, plays an important role in heart disease prevention.
  • Most of the fats found in pecans are monosaturated and polyunsaturated fats. At the same time, this drupe contains no trans fat.

These drupes have a lot of other health benefits that contribute to a younger body free from illness. For those who want to maintain their youthfulness, you may want to consider adding pecans to your diet.

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