Pack a Pound of Almonds for Nutrition

Those tasty almonds, which you can buy shelled or unshelled, are originally from the Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern countries. The Greeks have marveled about the geometry of its shape, but now, we marvel about the range of health benefits that it can provide us.

Almonds - Fat Burning Nuts

The almond is technically not a nut, but a drupe, but it shares a lot of characteristics with most nuts, especially when it comes to the nutritional gains of incorporating these foods into the body. If you are wondering what you get whenever you get a pound of these so-called nuts from the local grocery, here are some of the almond’s health wonders.

Great for Boosting Energy

  • Manganese, copper, and Riboflavin in almonds make these nuts great for energy boosting. mentioned that eating water-soaked almonds in the morning are advisable, since eating these nuts with an empty stomach help absorb these energy-giving nutrients better.

Great for Pregnant Women

  • Almonds, like a lot of nuts, are packed with folic acid. Folic acid is a compound that lessens the risk of deformities in newly born infants.

Great for Losing Weight

  • agrees that if you are having a problem with losing weight consider incorporating almonds in your diet. Eating almonds quickly satiate hunger, which makes you avoid overeating. It may also help to know that while almonds can provide great energy and make you feel full quickly, these nuts are low in calories, which means it is a great food substitute for people who wants to shed excess weight.

Almond milk in the morning and roasted almonds in the afternoon would make a great addition to your diet, especially if you want to reap the health benefits that these nuts can give you. Indeed, these nuts are packed with a wide range of benefits that would greatly contribute to a great body.

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Fortunately, the delicately flavored and versatile almond is available throughout the year to make a healthy and tasty addition to both sweet and savory dishes.


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