Our Big Launching Day…

January 15th, a lively sunny day and my new blog has come to life.

This blog is important for me and I will share with you the reasons why I am happy now that I can achieve that which I have always wanted.

A month ago when I was in the process of designing the logo of my site, I was in a dilemma which slogan best suited my website. However, after much thought I decided to consult my brilliant wife for advice knowing well that she spends less time on the internet than I do. Maybe she has a remarkable idea, who knows?

“Honey, should I use TheBestWayToBurnFatFast.com or a slogan “A healthy body, for a beautiful lifestyle!” for my logo name?’’.

“What title do you think best suits my website”?

“Well, why not use this name, Burn Fat Formula?’’ she responded.

“Burn Fat Formula is BFF. And BFF also stands for Best Friend Forever! It is simple and easy to remember”.

“Wow! What a great suggestion”.

Finally I am making progress toward the right direction, to register it for my domain besides for logo.

Luckily the domain name, BurnFatFormula.com was available and I bought it without hesitating.

A great suggestion from my loving wife is now a strong foundation for my new blog.

Okay, first of all, let me introduce myself. I am Daniel N. Alexander. You can call me Daniel. I am the author of Burn Fat Naturally Series Publication and the founder of MyFitnessGalaxy.com

On this blog, I intend to post fat-loss related articles and videos created by renowned experts in fat lose niche. I also intend to share with millions of readers my personally written articles on the same on a daily basis. The purpose of my blog is to share invaluable information on fat lose so that you as the reader can benefit from it.

Besides that, my wife also gave me a suggestion,

“Why not you ask your subscribers, what contents do they prefer in your new blog?” 
“You cannot just post everything that you THINK is suitable.”

Hence, I have created a survey (2 questions only),
Can you please help me to complete this survey, to tell us what types of fat-loss information that you want to read from my blog so you can benefit from it? Click the following link to complete this short survey:-

++> Answer These Two Questions Survey To Make My Blog More Better

Thank you.

“A healthy body, for a beautiful lifestyle!”
Author of Burn Fat Naturally Series Publication | Founder of BurnFatFormula.com & MyFitnessGalaxy.com

P.S. I Love My Wife so much!

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BurnFatFormula.com is LIVE today!

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