Onions – Burn Fat? Never Heard Before…

Men and women exercise to burn fat and build muscle. There are various steps they do every day. But the process doesn’t just end in exercising. Balanced diet is a must as well. Wrong choices of food cannot help them develop their muscles. But right choices can accelerate their muscle development. When it comes to foods, onions deserve to be on their plates.

Fat Burning Vegetables Onions

It might be wondering why of all the spices onions should be part in the diet.

These are just used for flavor and aroma purposes. Many don’t actually know the potent side of onions in burning fat, but it’s time now to value them.

What makes onions a good way to lose weight?

1. Low calorie. Onions are bulbous plants. They are watery. This makes them a good source of low calorie. According to the USDA report, 100g of raw onions only contains 40 calories.

If you want to know the onion calorie variations when eaten in two, cooked, or mixed with other ingredients, you can find them in “ONIONS CALORIES”.

2. Increase metabolism. Metabolism is a chemical process of digesting food. The faster your metabolism is, the slimmer your body will become. But if you have a slow metabolism, you will develop excess fats somewhere if they are not burned.

Onions are able to speed up metabolism because of their special minerals and oils. With fast metabolism, fats will just be broken down. No wonder they are pungent and spicy but a little sweet. They are similar to the fat-burning hot peppers.

3. Increase testosterone. Exercise to burn fat. This is true. Once you exercise, your metabolism will speed up. You will body will be enliven, alert, and awake. One of the hormones that cause such feeling is testosterone. There are food supplements that can help increase the testosterone level in order to build muscles. But the cheap yet effective source for testosterone increase is onion.

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Onions are delicious appetizers when cooked properly like the “7-Minute Healthy Sauteed Onions”.

We would find chopping onions very inconvenient because of the colorless substance that can make us cry. But now we can say goodbye to crying. Just watch this video to learn how to chop onions without crying.

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By Daniel N. Alexander
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