Old Fashioned Oatmeal: Healthy Heart and Weight

There are many individuals who are concerned about weight loss are skeptical about starch. Some starchy foods are bad for the health, which can cause a rise of blood sugar and increase weight. But there are also starchy foods that are fibrous which are good for the health.

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Oatmeal - Healthy Breakfast

Old fashioned oatmeal is a very nutritious starchy carb food. It is made from whole grain in which all parts are kept in contact. This is different from instant oatmeal which some of the outer skin or membrane is stripped off. That membrane contains essential amount of protein and fiber.

The old fashioned oatmeal retains the needed nutrients. The nutrients that promote good health and weight are the following.

1. Low in fat. Why do dieters love oatmeal? It is due to its low fat content. For instance, one packet of oatmeal which is usually 41g only contains 2.58 fats. This is a low amount which is not enough to trigger any increase of the fat present in the body.

2. High fiber. Fiber provides healthy digestion, regulates the release of waste, and lowers bad cholesterol. And it can also keep the stomach full for several hours, which is very advantageous to dieters. In 41g packet, the fiber reaches 4g.

3. Low calories. Another nutrient to consider for good health and weight is the calorie. Right amount of calorie is beneficial to the body. But too many calories can cause the body to gain weight. By eating 41g old fashioned oatmeal, there will be 150 calories that can be taken in.

Don’t ignore the essential nutrients found in old fashioned oatmeal.  They are beneficial for a healthy heart and a healthy weight. Oatmeal is one of the healthiest starchy carb foods to choose.

For the complete list of the nutrients found in oatmeal, refer it to the USDA report.

Oatmeal & Fruits
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By Daniel N. Alexander
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