47 thoughts on “The AFTERBURN EFFECT – Circuit Workout #1 From Live Lean Afterburn #LLTV”

  1. I have to say i am obsessed with this workout! i love it and have done multiple times in the past 3 weeks! thanks for posting love your channel! :)

  2. Hey! just follow the workout schedule in the Live Lean Afterburn package (i.e. you need to buy the program ;)

  3. Hey brad. How many times in a week will I do this circuit work out to get best results? And is there circuit workout number 2? Thanks in advance.

  4. Guess reading the material wud help. Thx,read thru it all started today. It’s very self explanatory. Thx again

  5. it depends on which workout you’re doing. it’s all listed on the workout sheets. just refer to them.

  6. Everyone’s strength is different. I can’t tell you which weight to start with. Best case is to start with a weight you feel comfortable with but still challenging yourself to reach 10 reps.

  7. one question. I bought your system and am starting work out today. You have a guide that tells what exercises to do but not how much weight to do with exercises. Or am I reading in the right place. I already am lifting everyday but if I’m gonna follow your plan i wanna know how much weight to lift when “STARTING” your program. Plus don’t forget to check out all my youtube vids.( not spaming you) I a have 100,000s of views and 100,000,000 on some and want to spread your live lean tv.

  8. Hey Valerie, go check out my tabata playlist. i also have a lot of other videos in my workout playlist that are all body weight. you’re awesome for focusing on your health at such a young age. way to go.

  9. hey, love this video but I was wondering if you can recommend a video that has just as good results but requires more body weight because I’m 12 and my health teacher says at my age its not good to lift weights

  10. Hey, my awaken the abs within program includes 15 weeks of at home workouts with very little equipment. give that a try

  11. Brad-

    Wondering which one of your workout programs you would recommend for myself? 36 male, very very slim. Realistically would workout in home with limited home gym equipment. Also, because of your videos have the eating portion nailed down, just have no idea where to start with working out.

    Thanks so much in advance.

  12. hello brad, i cant go to the gym these days but i workout at home i walk fast on the treadmill for 40 minutes ,i do 200 jumping rope and i do about 100 jumping jacks ,finally i do about 80 crunches and ofcourse i eat healthy food, is that enough??

  13. if you’re looking to lean out faster, and your workouts don’t suffer, I’d cut out the oats. I’ve been “oat-less” for a few months now and have noticed i train better fasted

  14. brad i was just a quick question .. is a protein with oats good as a pre work out drink and are oats bad for you i know there a complex carb but sum kid said there bad when trying to loose weight but i’m fasting should i cut down on how much i eat and how much should i have a week jw thanks brad i only come to you when i need question answered

  15. hey…just go search my channel for “warm up” and “stretching”…i filmed videos for this a few months ago … do the warm up before and the stretching after for a cool down

  16. Hi brad….recently i started your workout (tabata & core n conditioning workout)…its an awesome workout…just 1 question, how do I warm up & warm down the correct way?…Thanks…

  17. Hey Brad, you just got a new fan! I discovered your channel yesterday evening, was supposed to stay up late to study but i couldn’t stop watching your videos ;)

  18. Thansk Brad! If ´am about to train with this type of workouts. How often do I have to do them? I mean the rest period? Sorry for all the question.

  19. the full program will be on sale in a few days where you can access the other workouts and workout schedule. stay tuned.

  20. Hello!
    I´m from Sweden. Great channel =)
    I´ve downloaded 1 unique workout. Great workout! How often do I have to do this workout in a week? And you´re talking about different types of workouts routine. How can I access to those? Thanks :)

  21. awesome workout brad will be for sure trying this circut training this week.. keep these videos coming had to favorite this in my channel.

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