Lemonade Diet – Is it actually healthy?

Lemonade DietIs that possible to rely only on lemonade for up to 21 straight days? Many of those who tried the Lemonade Diet (The Master Cleanse) have attempted just the same. Some of these people are successful to complete this patronizing task, and eventually they fall short. The purpose of this article is to shed some light on this important issue.

Among many questions, one of the most important question which falls in the psyche of people regarding Lemonade Diet is: Is it actually healthy? I have found this problem discussed on many forums. Some critiques of the diet claims that this liquid fast containing acids that can rot your teeth. While others claim that the alkalizing effect of lemons on the body helps the body to retain its energy and fastens the weight loss.

This diet is rather difficult as compared to others which also gives rise to another conflicting subject. I know well, how it feels to live without food. I can tell you, because I myself have tried this diet and by the very next day I was totally obsessed by the delicious food. It made me so disturbed initially that I couldn’t concentrate on something else. The thought of pizza, frozen yogurt and snacks, but unfortunately they were not around that time.

So, I got to know very well that it’s very tough indeed. I’ve watched those people as well who have started the same practice for 14 days only and ended up as satisfied and happy. While it was a week short, still they considered it an accomplishment in their behalf. Beside all that, different durations for this process are being used. A 10-day process is usually accepted and implemented mostly.

Now lets come to the actual meaning of diet. It starts every morning with a salt water flush specifically designed to cleanse your digestive system. Yes, this will cause you to go to the bathroom like no one else do. But, that’s what exactly needed. All you need is to throw out your toxins from your body in order to contribute to lessen your excess weight.

When you get to know all this, you may drink as much lemonade as you require. Sure, this lemonade is quite specific. It consists of purified water, fresh squeezed lemon juice, cayenne pepper and grade B maple syrup. This combination helps to alkalize the blood, wash out toxins from the kidneys, hydrate the system and also helps in the cleansing process of the muscles and joints.

Those people who embrace a procedure of a morning salt water flush, with the significant amount of lemonade, experience significant weight loss up to two pounds per day. So, even if the lemonade diet is quite challenging to adopt, its benefits are equally efficient and effective.

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