Lean Ground Turkey: Healthy Weight and Heart

Lean ground turkey is another popular substitute for poultry products or meat. It is savory, tender, and meaty. It is a good source of healthy meat for human consumption. It is good for dropping excess weight and having healthy and strong heart.

Low fat

If you want the best way to burn fat, avoid foods that are high in fats. Vegetables and fruits are excellent but a complete and balanced diet needs meat too. There is nothing to be afraid of eating meat because there are meat products that are good for the body.

Lean ground turkey comes in various preparations. There are 80%, 85%, 90%, 95%, 97%, and 99% lean ground meat of turkey. To be unified, let’s use the USDA report. In a 100g cooked ground turkey, the saturated fat is only 2.669g.

Check here in order to know if what you’ll get from a 97% lean ground turkey.

Low calorie

Calorie is another factor for the best way to burn fat. Excess and unused calories will become fats that accumulate in the belly, buttocks, neck, face, arms, and many other parts. If you eat a 100g cooked, ground turkey, you will get 203 calories.

Low cholesterol

Another factor associated for obesity and overweight is high level of cholesterol. Cholesterol goes with calorie and fats. They are directly proportional. High levels of calorie and fat means high level of cholesterol too. Cholesterol is not good for the heart as it will stick along the walls of the arteries.

100g of cooked, ground turkey contains 93mg of cholesterol. Every day, 200 mg of cholesterol is recommended for the body.

For the best way to burn fat, always take into consideration these three nutrients.  Limiting to the recommended amounts for these nutrients will help you achieve a healthy weight and body.

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