Know How To Grow Your Muscles Using Right Protein

Among all muscle building food we talk about, protein is the most popular for good reasons. Your muscle cells need protein to build, maintain and repair them. So you’ll need it during your weightlifting sessions. In this article you’ll come to know about three aspects of protein in muscle building. First, you’ll see how it helps muscle building. Then, you’ll find some protein rich foods and finally you’ll know how much protein you should take to get the best result.

The way protein helps your muscles

Protein has both direct and indirect impacts on muscle growth. This is really the most powerful nutrient you need to aid your muscle building process. Now let us know why.

It not only grows muscles, but also repairs and maintains it: Protein is the building block of muscle cells and so you need it to get your muscles bigger. It also makes muscles stronger. After the workouts you’ll feel more comfortable.

It helps contraction of muscles: During your weightlifting workouts you need to contract your muscles efficiently without hurting them much. This is when you need the help of protein. Every weight lifting motion puts your muscles under much strain that may cause injury of cells, but protein can manage the condition efficiently.

Protein from available foods

Although there are many foods that contain much protein, you may not know how much protein you can get from them. So you can get an idea of it from the following paragraphs.

Meat: With its 25g-35g of protein per 4 oz of serving meat is an excellent supplier of protein. It is also abundant with B vitamins.

Fish: With 25g to 35g of protein in an average 4 oz. serving, fish is a very effective and versatile source of protein for all. You also get B vitamins that boost your energy to perform better. You really need to eat fish for its nutrients to get support during the workouts.

Seeds: Seeds are a great source of protein and this protein is ideal for vegetarians. You can get about 5g of protein in a 1 oz. serving. So you can do without nuts.

Nuts: When you think of snacks, you can use nuts. With 5g of protein in a 1 oz. serving this food item is a great source of protein. You’ll also get lots of B vitamins as well as protein from nuts to aid your muscle growth.

protein from nuts to aid your muscle growth

How much protein you need to have optimal muscle growth?

In bodybuilding circles, one common issue to talk about is how much protein you need. It depends on your situation. It may vary from person to person. However, you have known where to look for protein and how much you can get from them. However, you now need to decide how much of it you should take for optimal muscle growth. Here’s the way to calculate it. It’s not a complex job at all.

The BMR calculator: You can calculate your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) using a calculator available. Your body needs an approximate amount of calories to sustain it and this is your BMR.

Your needed protein calories: When you’ve known your BMR, you understand how many calories you’ll need for the muscle building program. You need to replenish your body with adequate protein after each workout. Now you’ve to decide how many calories you should get from it. The usual recommendation is to take 40% to 60% calories from protein. The general estimate is that you get 4 calories per gram of protein. Now you can calculate your daily intake of it. For example, your BMR may be 2100 calories and so you may need to have 840 to 1260 calories from protein. So you may need to eat 210 to 320 grams of protein daily.

Fine-tune your protein calories: When you’ve followed the earlier two steps, you need to monitor and adjust the protein calories accordingly. If it happens that after two weeks of a muscle building program, you don’t see any result, you may need to raise your daily calorie intake by 200 calories. This means you have to raise your protein intake by about 80 to 120 calories equaling to 20 to 60 grams of protein. This is how you need to experiment to adapt to your needs of protein. You can change protein intake volume every two weeks to reach the optimal level.

Summing up

This article must have helped you enrich your knowledge of the benefits of protein to build up your muscles. You can have your meals infused with protein and supplements to get the right amount of protein. You have the freedom to choose from a variety of protein rich foods. You’ll finally enjoy having a well built body.