Is A Low Carb Diet Plan Right For You?

Low Carb DietOne thing is for sure, that low carb diet plan is the most debated issue when it comes to weight loss. It’s really incredible to see the strong arguments expressed by both the sides. This article will further shed light on this important and most debated argument. It will talk about the pros and cons of low carb diet plan, grounded along the line proposed from both the sides which will further assist you to determine the right way to achieve the desired goal.

When it comes to proper low carb diet plan, we all are aware of the famous Atkins Nutritional Approach. This diet goes through three phases; these phases offer to slowly increase the amount of carbohydrates necessary to include in your diet on everyday basis. The foremost step is known as induction, which restricts you to almost no intake of carbs. But you are free to eat all the animal protein you require. Make sure that pasta, bread, sweets, potatoes or any else carb containing food is not allowed.

This induction phase is so much important, that supporters of this program relate this phase with the illusion. On the other side, the opponents are claiming it to be suicidal insanity. Ketosis is the process which takes place with this phase. In this process the ketones are being thrown out with the urine, eventually your body fat will be used as a preferred source of vitality. Eventually, it will cause intense weight loss which may be healthy or not.

I can give you a better opinion over this, because I myself implemented this diet plan. It helped me to lose up to 17 pounds within 2 weeks. Although it helped me to lose weight, I faced many positive along with the negative effects of this low carb diet plan.

Regardless of what people say, I saw a vital change in my overall sense of well-being and energy levels. I was eating low carb foods like eggs, steak, bunless burgers and cheese regularly. I felt lighter and better, unlike what the opponents of the low carb diet claim and scare you with. It was a great feeling, but merely the regular intake of same food made me bored with my same diet plan. However, it was a fair deal when it comes to weight loss.

Some people might say that carbohydrates play an essential role when it comes to fuel your brain. However, I find no emotional or mental side effects of this diet plan. But the bad part about this diet plan is linked to the heaviness of consistent intake of the same food. Meat, eggs, cheese and again meat were an undesirable diet on a daily basis. I might have gone towards the bread and other high carb foods, but there was a feeling that prevented me to go for it.

In a nutshell, if you really want to bring down your weight, my verdict is in favor of low carb diet plan. It will keep you energetic along with the constant results of weight loss. Do not run away from being a carnivore in every sense. However, if this one is not your desirable diet plan, then try other variations like South Beach Diet is another effective low carb diet which may be easier to follow.

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