[Infographic] Japanese Food Guide Spinning Top – Important Lifestyle Choice for Obesity Prevention

Obesity is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes mellitus, and other chronic conditions. In particular, central obesity, as assessed by waist circumference,
is an early step in the aetiological cascade, which leads to the metabolic syndrome.

Eating behavior contributes to the development of obesity.

Therefore, healthy eating is an important lifestyle choice for obesity prevention.

Based on the Obesity Statistics, United States is the most obese country (30.6%) meanwhile, Japan is the least (3.2%). You can refer the following bar chart for reference.

Best Way To Burn Fat | Obesity Statistic - Nation

Hence, today, I’d want to share with you a little slimmer tips of Japanese to maintain their weight.


Japanese Food Guide Spinning Top


In July 2005, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan jointly released a new pictorial guide, The Japanese Food Guide Spinning Top, to help people implement the Dietary Guidelines for Japanese. It guides people as to what kinds and how much food they should eat each day to promote health. The most significant aspect of this Guide is that it estimates the quantity of food consumed in a daily diet in terms of dish quantities rather than the food quantities. This Guide uses the analogy of a spinning top. In addition to outlining the optimal food intake for Japanese people, the Japanese Food Guide Spinning Top also provides messages that aim to enhance awareness of the benefits of healthy eating.

Japanese Food Guide Spinning Top | Best Way To Burn Fat

Based on this guide, Japanese suggest that:

Minimum serving of nutrition for a day such as:-

  • 5 serving of Grain Dishes
  • 5 serving of Vegetable Dishes
  • 3 serving of Fishes and Meat
  • 2 serving of Milk & Milk Product
  • 2 serving of Fruits

Physical exercise and drink more water/tea are the important elements in this Japanese Food Guide Spinning Top. Besides that, Japanese also enjoy snack, confection and beverage but MODERATELY.


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By Daniel N. Alexander
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