How can Sweet Potatoes Make You Young and Healthy?

If you like potatoes, yams, cassavas, and other healthy starchy foods, surely you will love sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are named this way because they are naturally and slightly sweet and they look like the bland potatoes.

How can Sweet Potatoes Make you Young and Healthy?

Even though sweet potatoes are starchy foods, that they are rich in carbohydrates, but they are healthy foods. They can be eaten as substitutes for rice, bread, or for those unhealthy snacks. Find out why these starchy carbs are good for everyone.

1. Low calorie. Yes, sweet potatoes have very low calorie compared to those foods prepared in fast food. If you eat 100g of a boiled and skinless sweet potato, you will only get 76 calories. This is so far below the daily recommended calorie for humans.

2. Very low fat content. People who are doing the best way to burn fat definitely dislike fatty foods. But the stomach and taste buds regularly ask for food. In order to be safe, you can eat the satiating sweet potatoes. 100g of boiled and skinless sweet potato has only 0.14g of fat.

3. Rich in antioxidants. These days, there are many factors that can cause stress and many diseases. So it is always wise to be extra careful. Selection of foods must be considered as well. There are foods that can trigger certain diseases. But there are foods that safeguard the body.

Sweet potatoes are rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are known to fight free radicals and cell degeneration. Specifically, they can provide these levels of antioxidants:  beta carotene is 8509 µg, and vitamin A is 14187 IU.

The USDA report on boiled and skinless sweet potatoes provides the nutrients and the levels of 100g, 328g, and 151g.

Sweet potatoes are indeed must-haves on your tables so you don’t have to buy those expensive medications to keep you young-looking. Sweet potatoes will do the job for you and bring out your beautiful glow always. To discover other 101 foods that fight aging, you can get more info at

Know more about sweet potatoes, the selection, preparation, storage, and health advice on “Sweet potato nutrition facts”.

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