Healthy Fats in Muscle Growth And Recovery

You may have heard about the superb benefits of protein from your bodybuilding friends but your friend must have emphasized the use of healthy fats. It’s necessary to refresh your muscles between the workouts so that they can grow to your expectation. This is why you need healthy fats to boost muscle growth as well as recovery. This articles aims to explain how you need to incorporate fats in your diet to have optimal muscle growth.

The way healthy fats help grow muscle

Here are some proven explanations on how healthy fat help people recover and grow muscle:

Build muscle cell walls and create membrane fluid: Your muscle cell walls need healthy fats to come into existence. You cannot have enough membrane fluid without these fats.

Boosts energy: Healthy fats work in close collaboration with your organs and cells to produce enough energy for you. So you’ll need these fats to stay fresh during and after the muscle building workouts. You can then go for intense workouts.

Helps absorb protein: Without protein you cannot expect the desired muscles as it is needed to build and repair the muscles cells. Healthy fats help you use the protein you take in an optimal way.

Minimizes inflammation: During the weight lifting sessions your muscles as well as joints get temporary inflammation. You need to manage this inflammation successfully to get rid of discomfort and to expedite the recovery process. Healthy fats help you in this regard.

Helps produce necessary hormones: Your body building workouts may become unsuccessful if your body fails to produce necessary hormones. For example, you need testosterone within your system to have better muscle mass. Healthy fats help you in this regard.

Improves bone strengths: When you’re building muscles, you also need strong bones to support you during weightlifting sessions when your muscles contract forcefully. Healthy fats help you have better and stronger bones.

Where to get healthy fat foods

The question is how you can get these fats from the foods you eat. The following is a knowledge base to help you choose the right foods:

Dairy for fats as well as protein: Dairy products are a good source of healthy fats. You can have 5 to 20 grams of these fats in each serving by depending on milk, butter, cheese or eggs. These products are also a good source of protein.

salmonFatty fishes are good: A 4 oz. serving of salmon, mackerel, anchovies and sardines can give you over 10g of these fats. These fishes also provide you with good protein and B vitamins. So you get benefited in all the ways while you can continue your workouts without any tension.

Nuts are really rich: Nuts provide you with protein and vitamin B1. Of course, you get about 20g of healthy fats in a 1 oz. serving of nuts.

Healthy oils are a good source: Coconut oil, virgin olive oil and avocado oil are some good oils that you can use to marinade, cook or prepare a salad to get healthy fats.

Seeds are fat packed: A 1oz. serving of snack and pack rich in nuts or seeds can give you 10 to 15 grams of healthy fats. You’ll also get loads of B vitamins.

How much healthy fats you need to have optimal muscle growth?

So you have known where to look for the healthy fats and how much you can get from them. However, you now need to decide how much of these healthy fats you should take for optimal muscle growth. Here’s the way to calculate it.

The BMR calculator: You need to calculate your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) using a calculator. Your body needs an approximate amount of calories to sustain it and this is your BMR.

Your needed fat calories: When you’ve known your BMR, you understand how many calories you’ll need for the muscle building program. Now you’ve to decide how many calories you should get from healthy fats. The usual recommendation is to take 20% to 30% calories from fats. The general estimate is that you get 9 calories per gram of fats. Now you can calculate your daily intake of fats. For example, your BMR may be 2100 calories and so you may need to have 420 to 630 calories from fats. So you may need to eat 47 to 70 grams of healthy fats daily.

Fine-tune your fat calories: As the calculated BMR is not the ultimate investigation, your body may have varying needs. You need to monitor and adjust the fat calories accordingly. If it happens that after two weeks of muscle building program, you don’t see any result, you may need to raise your daily calories intake by 200 calories. This means you have to raise your fat intake by about 40 to 60 calories equaling to 4 to 7 grams of fats. When you find your muscles are growing the way you wanted but you’re having more than necessary fats, you can decrease daily calories intake by about 200 calories. You’ll have to decrease fat intake accordingly.

Summing up

This article must have helped you enrich your knowledge of the benefits of healthy fats to build up your muscles. The above recommendations can help you gain bigger as well as stronger muscles if you integrate healthy fats in your daily diet. Also, you’ll definitely feel fresher than before.