Healthy Chocolate Cookies and Break Time

Chocolate CookiesEating a healthy chocolate cookies means you can lose the guilty feelings that eating cookies often brings. We all have cravings for snacks, and now that snack can be chocolate cookies, as long as it is one that is healthy! And that means a cookie that is composed of healthy ingredients, like chocolate.

It would be a dream come true for chocolate cookie lovers to find one that is good tasting, does not fall apart or resemble paste. Research has shown that cocoa beans are an excellent source of fibre and contain powerful antioxidants. This means that if processed in the right way, you could gain some health benefits from the chocolate the beans produced. Most chocolate bars are not made with healthy processed cocoa beans.

By consuming healthy chocolate cookies, you are being provided with strong antioxidants, as well as flavonoids and fibre. Also if made with wholesome ingredients, such as oats, whole wheat and grains, you are taking in other healthy substances as well. Using natural sweeteners can enhance the taste of the cookie while making sure the cookie stays healthy.

Choosing a healthy chocolate cookie can also help you with energy. Chocolate that is of the healthy type, has three neurotransmitters in it, dopamine, serotonin and phenylethylamine. These neurotransmitters all contribute to positive feelings and overall well being.

One great benefit of choosing healthy chocolate cookies for your snack is that they can be helpful in weight loss. This means not having guilt or indulging in your healthy chocolate cookie! Healthy chocolate is known to have appetite suppressors that help control hunger.

Like some other foods, such as avocados, chocolate contains healthy fats. The same fats found in olive oil are found in healthy chocolate. These are the same fats that help with cholesterol levels. That means healthy chocolate cookies help lower risks of diseases that are caused by high cholesterol.

While almost everyone eats chocolate, most of that isn’t the healthy or real chocolate. If you are making desserts that require chocolate, buy crushed cocoa beans and use them instead. These crushed beans are the real chocolate chips and thus this is what you should use to make healthy chocolate chip cookies.

The health benefits of eating real, unprocessed chocolate are still being found. Chocolate is one of the confusing and most misunderstood foods we consume. When you crave that chocolate snack, be sure to choose a healthy chocolate chip cookie!

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