Health Nutrients in Bison/Buffalo Lean Meat

Meat lovers might want now to be extra careful of the meat they eat. Yes, meat is necessary for the body but it can also trigger certain diseases. Fats, high cholesterol, and high calories are the common nutrients that must be observed in choosing meat products.

Health Nutrients in Bison/Buffalo Lean Meat

The like of bison/buffalo, the meat coming from it is a good source of nutrients compared to beef and pork. These animals are typically raised in farmlands where the grasses are abundant. So they consume healthy food which in turn makes up the healthy nutrients found in it.

The following are the vital nutrients that can be taken from eating cooked bison/buffalo meat.

1. Protein. It is very crucial in the development of muscles, nails, hair, cells, and tissues. Typically, women who are 19-70 years old need 46g of protein daily, while men of the same age range need 56g.

A 100g of cooked ground, grass-fed bison contains 25.45g of protein, whereas, a 100g of a roasted, game meat buffalo contains 26.83g.

2. B Vitamins. These vitamins are necessary for metabolism, energy transformation from food, cells, tissues, blood, and nerves. B-vitamin deficiency can cause diseases such as weak nervous system, hear failure, beriberi, memory loss, dermatitis, and many others.

Read the detailed amounts of B vitamins of bison/buffalo on “Bison, ground, grass-fed, cooked”, or “Game meat, buffalo, water, cooked, roasted”.

3. Iron. If you feel dizzy, fatigued, irritable, weak, or look pale, or experience twitches and hair loss, you might be experiencing iron deficiency symptoms. In order to get a good dose of iron, you can try eating cooked bison/buffalo meat served in various menus.

Try these yummy and healthy recipes for bison/buffalo meat.

There are still other important nutrients found in bison/buffalo meat such as zinc, vitamin E, and lower cholesterol. Find out the scientific studies about them on “BISON MEAT NUTRITION”.

Don’t quit from the one you love – meat. But choose the best and healthiest lean meat products such bison/buffalo meat.

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