Happy Father’s Day & Study shows too much exercise AGES you FASTER

Happy Father’s Day to all you Dads :)

If you’re a dad, you’re probably not looking forward to another coffee cup, pack of golf balls or a tie (or whatever else people generally give every year). And if you’re trying to think of what to give your dad or father in law etc…

Here’s a cool gift idea… Why not treat him(or you) to something really cool that could actually make him to look YOUNGER instead?

We all want to look younger, but the truth is that your quest to get healthy may be AGING you FASTER.

In fact, studies show that too much exercise can make you look MUCH older over time, if you’re not doing the right kind of exercise.

==> Why you should workout LESS, not MORE

At the above link, my good friend and “over 40″ fitness expert Steve Holman is going to show you why EXERCISE may actually be causing those extra wrinkles, and a brand new specific way of working out that will help you look and feel 10 YEARS younger.

He shares this simple method here:

==> Why you should workout LESS, not MORE

Again, if you’re a dad and in the states, then Happy Father’s Day to you :)
And please send this special report from Steve Holman to your father on “10 Ultimate Body Transformation Secret” by clicking HERE.


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To your health,

“A healthy body, for a beautiful lifestyle!”


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