Flank Steak, Grass-fed Beef: Good for the Heart

Flank Steak, Grass-fed Beef: Good for the Heart

Flank steak which is taken from the belly muscle of cattle is another popular choice of steak. It is meaty, tender, and juicy. But the current hype about choosing meat is to consider whether it comes from grass-fed cattle or not. It has been studied that the former has more healthy nutrients than the latter.

Fewer saturated fats

This kind of fat is harmful to the body. Though all types of meat contain it but choosing those meat products such as grass-fed beef that are low in this is practical. The saturated fat in grass-fed beef has stearic acid that prevents the increase of cholesterol in the body.

Another type of fat that is beneficial to health especially the heart is omega 3. Plus, it is joined by the conjugated linoleic acid to have a healthier heart.

Lesser cholesterol

Many are aware that cholesterol is bad for the health. So foods that contain high cholesterol are not recommended to be eaten daily. But meat is very important in the body. In order to be safe, always choose meat products that are low in this.

Flank steak from grass-fed beef has lower cholesterol than other animals that feed on grains and processed foods.

Richer choline

Choline is a popular ingredient or chemical used in vitamins for brain boosting. But this has been studied to prevent fat accumulation, as well. Lean meat such as flank steak, grass-fed beef is rich in this chemical. It is another reason why this kind of meat is friendly for the heart.

Actually, choline works with other B vitamins, another group of essential vitamins. But as of present, choline is not yet recognized as a B vitamin.

For detailed amounts of these nutrients, check the studies on “NUTRITION FACTS ON LEAN GRASSFED STEAK”.

There’s no loss in choosing everything that is safe. Flank steak, grass-fed beef might be a bit expensive but it assures good health to humans such as the heart. If you have illnesses, always consult your doctor if you plan to have a diet on this.

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