John Rowley’s Extremely Simple Fat Loss Review – What Is Extremely Simple Fat Loss All About?

There are thousands of diets, weight loss and fat loss programs waiting for you out there and if you could just type “fat loss program” on your search engine you will know what’s going on in this world. Every program has its own unique way of working on your body and body fat. Some might impress you whereas others will only depress you. Among this big inundation of weight and fat loss programs you find this gem named “Extremely Simple Fat Loss” from John Rowley. Read on if you are interested in knowing why we called this particular book a gem. (Note: Scroll to the below for the product screenshots)


Extremely Simple Fat Loss Review


Extremely Simple Fat Loss Review

Extremely Simple Fat Loss (The Book)

Extremely Simple Fat Loss is a book, more like a talk, by John Rowley, who has used his words effectively in bringing out the truths and lies of fat loss. Using his personal experiences, quotes and examples from the real world he has diligently compiled this book in a format that is readable for all. The book is unique in its approach at fat loss in that it talks not only about foods or exercises, but the connection and intertwined nature of fat loss, foods, exercises and an overall lifestyle of a person. If you’d like to read understandable and comprehensible stuff pertaining to fat loss and a fit body, this book is for you.

But Who’s John Rowley?

Of course, the right question to ask before reading a book is to know about the author. Even though you are highly advised not to judge a book by its cover but knowing about the author can always help a great deal. To start with, John Rowley isn’t just a random person who thought of writing a book about fat loss, lean body and long lasting body fitness out of nowhere. A thorough introduction of John would require a book itself but a summary of what he is and he’s been through can be a great assistance in understanding his book.

John is and has been a multi-talented person. From one angle his life is all about struggle and from another angle he’s been successful because he never lost hope. He was a top class athlete in his college but a car accident brought that reign to an end. He then studied and went into the deep studies of some rarely touched subjects such as kinesiology, nutrition, anatomy, exercise, etc. He’s been a part of the ever-challenging Manhattan real estate and he earned this position after being a janitor in Brooklyn. His hard work, perseverance and a never-quit attitude brought him to the position he’s at today.

He contributes and talks on the media and you can find him talking about his favorite subjects on SmartMoney and Fox News. He also carries on his shoulder the title of America’s Lifestyle Strategist. He’s also the owner of the famous R&J Health Studio. If you don’t know about this health studio you might know it by watching the movie “Pumping Iron”. As an expert, he has served several organizations and institutions including Labrada Nutrition and Louisiana Seafood Celebration. Not to mention, he also founded the very famous and popular The 52 Million Pound Challenge. His smallest definition would be, “he’s an inspiration”.

What’s The Guide All About?

This book is all about you. If you are a person who thinks health is wealth and that an organized lifestyle is a promising strategy for living healthily and fit, this book is for you. John talks about fat loss from all the possible angles but keeps a very simplified language throughout so everyone can understand what he’s talking about. As you read this entire book you are on a journey where every next line is enlightening and rich with information. He sums up his book in a very appropriate sentence that his guide is not about zero carb fat loss but an optimum carb fat loss.

John concisely and succinctly talks about the many obstacles and problems that cause most of the people around the world to quit diet programs. He presents dozens of charts guiding readers on what foods to eat, how much nutrients to take in a day and what exercises to do in a week. He touches all the sensitive topics that deal with the problems people face when they try to go on a particular diet but fail to do so. He elaborates in clear words on the importance of a person’s mental point of view about fat loss before starting a program for fat loss.

He simplifies the entire process that people have to go through in order to take up a lifestyle that would make them lean, fit and fresh. He’s continuously talking about great people, real examples and stuff that people easily digest when reading a written piece of material to support his arguments. By the end he gets deep into “what needs to be done”. He lays down charts to explain to every reader what needs to be done in order to lose fat. He talks not only about good diet but a systematic regimen that defines the exercises that need to be done. He’s encouraging throughout the book so you never feel down and even bored while reading it.

Why Is This Guide A Gem?

Here are the points that make this book a gem and different from many other books and guides written on the subject of fat loss.

  • This is probably the only book calling fat loss lifestyle extremely simple.
  • This is also the only book that proves that fat loss is extremely simple.
  • This book explains every point in the most comprehensive and simplest language possible without trying to impress the readers with difficult terms and jargons.
  • This might also be the only book that doesn’t keep on pushing you to make goals but tells you how to make goals too.
  • There is not one instance in the book when you are made to feel down or discouraged. Every line in the book encourages you. By the end of the book you feel filled with energy, confidence and a belief of doing things straight away.
  • John flawlessly manages in this book in connecting the three elements; mind, spirit and body.
  • John mostly uses real-life examples so whatever he says in the book is easily believable and trustworthy.
  • The tone of the book is very interactive, conversing and filled with commonly used terms that keep you interested in the book throughout.
  • Even a 5th grader can read this book and understand every page and word of it.
  • The motivational quotes and words have been used in just the right instances.
  • The length of the book is perfect and you can finish it before you feel the first indication of fatigue in your body and eyes.
  • Lastly, this book and every word of it is coming from a person who has seen and experienced everything he’s telling people to do.

You will definitely love it even more when you read it yourself. The reading experience is much more interesting than our words could manage to put forward.

The Major Contents Of The Book

What you understand and interpret from a book or movie is often a subjective matter but there are things in this book that are discussed straightforwardly. These contents don’t need any time-consuming interpretations because they are what they are.

  • Fat loss is extremely simple. Not simple; extremely simple.
  • Fat loss isn’t all about losing fat but it is much about gaining protein.
  • Muscles in the body play a vital role in burning fats.
  • The body must be given stuff that lets it use fats for energy rather than burning carbohydrates.
  • Fats are not always bad; only bad fats are bad.
  • Eating by the clock can help but old school methods work too. All you need to eat is the right food.
  • The amount of carbohydrates, proteins, fiber and fat should be taken according to the body weight and the number of meals in a day.
  • It’s not about what you eat only; it’s about your diet, your way of thinking and lifestyle.
  • The book also contains charts guiding you on the amount of carbohydrates, fiber, proteins and fats that you should take.
  • There are charts guiding you on the foods that must be eaten and those that should not be eaten.
  • A very concise and informative chart in the book guides you about your heart rate and exercise routine.
  • You get complete guidance on how to build muscles and what exercises best help in building muscles and how.
  • The book also provides you a chart on what exercises can be done on what days.
  • It also includes a short biography of John Rowley, which is not only interesting but also enlightening and spiritually boosting.

There is a lot more that you will discover when you read this guide. Even if you are not the person who likes to read books and guides still we’ll advise you to read this book for its immensely informative and rich content.

What’s Your Experience When You End The Book?

When you have read the book in its entirety you will have a very empowered, enriched and satisfied feeling. You will feel as if everything that has caused you to stop from your fat loss programs has been discussed in the book. The flawless use of quotes and inspirational words, real-life examples, easy-to-understand language and conversing style of writing will have a very huge impact on how you have been thinking about yourself, obesity and fat loss. As you end the book you will have a self-belief that you can start right away on a fat loss regimen and start making the difference right away.

Lastly, just before you start looking for material to help you in starting your extremely simple fat loss lifestyle, here are some completely free bonuses that you will receive with the main product:

  1. The Workout Guide
  2. The Supplement Guide
  3. The Restaurant Guide
  4. The Fat Loss Cycle Guide

Click here for some brief descriptions of these 4 free bonuses.

This completes the list of tools that you needed to have with you while going on the mission of regaining your healthy, fit and lean self. Are you now ready to go ahead and start the extremely simple fat loss lifestyle?

By Daniel N. Alexander
“A healthy body, for a beautiful lifestyle!”



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Extremely Simple Fat Loss Review About John Rowley
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Extremely Simple Fat Loss Review Introduction
Extremely Simple Fat Loss Screenshot | Introduction
Extremely Simple Fat Loss Review Part 1
Extremely Simple Fat Loss Screenshot | Part 1 Minding Your Mind
Extremely Simple Fat Loss Review Part 2
Extremely Simple Fat Loss Screenshot | Part 2 Modifying Your Metabolism
Extremely Simple Fat Loss Review Part 3 What to eat
Extremely Simple Fat Loss Screenshot | Part 3 Monitoring Your Mouth – What to Eat
Extremely Simple Fat Loss Review Part 3
Extremely Simple Fat Loss Screenshot | Part 3 How To Lose Fat?
Extremely Simple Fat Loss Review Part 4
Extremely Simple Fat Loss Screenshot | Part 4 Maximizing Your Muscles


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