Eating Fat Will Makes You Fat & Raise Your Cholesterol?

Okay, let me first clarify this fact that:


That is, as long as you eat the right kinds of fat without overdoing the quantity. Yes, although one gram of fat contains 9 calories than protein or carbohydrates at about 4 calories/gram, but eating adequate quantities of healthy fats will actually help you lose body fat and create a lean healthy body. Healthy fats such as monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fatsbecause they are good for your heart, your cholesterol, and your overall health. However, saturated fats and trans fats are known as the “bad fats” because they increase your risk of disease and elevate cholesterol. I’d suggest you read further on the following article to know the sources of saturated and unsaturated fats. Print the table out and bring along with you, hence you’d not forget during your weekend shopping.

But, of course, I do not agree that they state eggs as a source of bad fat and suggested white eggs as a healthy option. But do you really think egg yolk is bad for you? Research confirms that the yolk is loaded with healthy nutrients and minerals. Hence by throwing the yolk, you do not enjoy the most antioxidant-rich egg portion. You can read my previous post  “Are Whole Eggs or Egg Whites Better for You?” to understand the myth of egg yolk.

The confusion about dietary fat is easy to understand in today’s society. Not only do you get mixed messages from food manufacturing advertisers, but to make things worse, you even get mixed messages from the medical and health industry on what kinds and how much fat you should include in your diet.

Even Marcelle Pick agrees that “You crave cholesterol and fat because they’re essential to your health. When you eat real cholesterol and fat, you regulate insulin levels and trigger enzymes that convert food into energy. Cholesterol from food modulates your body’s internal cholesterol production and protects liver function.”

I really enjoy reading her article post “The Truth About Cholesterol & Fat“. She detailed out the benefit of “fat”, analyze the differences of every type of fat and also the sources of different fat. If you are a woman, you might like to read this article further because she have mentioned low-fat, low-cholesterol diets can be very unhealthy, especially for women. I do agree with her statement by eating low-fat, high-carb diets can actually raise the risk of cholesterol levels. Highly recommended.

Now, let’s talk about cholesterol. Just similar to fat, cholesterol has two types: high-density lipoproteins (HDL) and low-density lipoproteins (LDL). For your information, I always find difficult to explain to my wife about how to differentiate which type of cholesterol is good for health in a layman term until I found the following page. I love the quote from Dr. Bartfield: “Think of the ‘H’ in ‘HDL’ as standing for healthy.”. Easy to remember. Another direct quote from her:-

[“HDL carries cholesterol around like a sponge. It can take excess cholesterol out of your bloodstream and carry it back to your liver, where it can be excreted,” she says. “That keeps cholesterol from sticking and building up in your arteries.”].

You may want to check out this page too.

As my previous post, the problem isn’t with cholesterol, but with lipoproteins — the substances that carry cholesterol throughout your body. Why LDL is the bad cholesterol? This is because low-density lipoproteins (LDL) carry cholesterol in a way that allows it to be released in your blood, where it can lodge in the walls of your arteries, block blood flow, and cause heart disease or stroke. That makes LDL the “bad” cholesterol.

[For some people, medications are needed to control high cholesterol, but the best place for most people to start is with simple lifestyle changes. “Dietary LDL cholesterol comes from eating animal fats,” Bartfield says. “HDL cholesterol comes from eating healthy fats from foods such as fish, nuts, soybeans, and olive oil.”] – Dr. Bartfield

Yes, I do agree with Dr. Bartfield. Prevention is better than cure!

To prevent high cholesterol I would suggest you not to take deep-fried foods but increase your intake in vegetable and fruit. Like what I practice daily, you can exercise after work. Besides that, practicing relaxation and stress-reduction techniques such as meditation can help you to reduce stress because distress can raise your body’s adrenaline levels, causing cholesterol to rise. Moreover, higher sleeping quality and meditation can actually help to burn fat.

Here are the 10 ways to reduce cholesterol

Besides that, I want to show you the top 10 high cholesterol foods that you should avoid!

Don’t worry, you can take these five foods to lower your cholesterol level.

Another myth about cholesterol, cholesterol in foods has only a small effect on your LDL cholesterol, especially when compared with the much greater increase caused by saturated and trans fat in food.

You might want to look at this fact sheet about the cholesterol and fat.

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