Eat a Big Breakfast to Lose Weight

We all think of only calories when it comes to weight loss. It’s even a more common believe that eat less and gain less. Yet, we all are unaware of the fact that calorie is not the core reason for extra pounds. It’s even more interesting to know that heavy breakfast is an effective way to lose weight. Yes, the best means to ward off extra weight and the risk of diabetes and heart diseases is by having a heavy breakfast and light dinner.

According to the study by the journal obesity. They studied 93 overweight women who were facing metabolic syndrome for almost 12 weeks. They assigned them a 1400 calorie diet for a day. Each of them followed one of the two strategies. Half of the women ate 200 calories for the breakfast, 500 for lunch and 700 for the dinner. The next half ate 700 calories for breakfast, 500 for lunch and 200 for dinner.

The results over the next 12 weeks were astonishing. Though both the groups lost weight, but the one who had a heavy breakfast lost much more than the group who had heavy dinner. The improvements were also observed like excellent insulin level, blood glucose and most significant improvement was in their waist circumference. The triglyceride level of the heavy breakfast group also dropped by 33%, while it increased in the other group. Some women even ate half of the assigned calories, because heavy breakfast helped them to resist the need of getting hungry.

Eat a Big Breakfast to Lose Weight

Many people believe that the meal timing is directly connected to the body’s circadian rhythm, while many others connect its link with the metabolism and insulin activity. The fact is that eating a heavy meal at the end of the day can be dangerous because it may disturb the circadian clock and gradually results in obesity. Even studies prove that consuming a heavy meal in the morning is more beneficial because our body burns more calories in the morning.

This article is not the only one telling about the meal timing. Other researchers had shown in this regard that breakfast is very significant to prevent obesity and optimize metabolism activity. And for instance, it is rather easy to understand that to digest heavy breakfast, our body is all day functional. While on the other side, after a heavy dinner we prefer to sleep, which turns out as an obesity. Even though, it is rather difficult to make heavy breakfast as a part of your life, it results in suppressing hunger, improving the body’s insulin level and letting down the blood sugar levels, which seems to be enough to adopt this trick. But, try not to include this into your breakfast. Nevertheless, along with this diet, you must go for an exercise for a healthy lifestyle.

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