Discover the Effects of High Protein Diets

There is a common misconception about the assumed relationship between high protein diet and unhealthy kidneys and bones. Though many people have this misconception, the reality is different. This food item can truly help your bone mass and kidney health. Without the right amount of protein you cannot prevent osteoporosis. Only when you have chronic kidney condition, you need to be cautious about high protein diet. Otherwise, you need it to keep your kidney in a healthy condition. It is true that people may feel easily confused about the relationship among high protein diet, bone health and kidney disease. You need to understand the whole scenario to decide whether this diet is for you.

Is high protein diet harmful for bone health?

When people assume that high protein diet compromises bone health, they practically deprive themselves of the basic element they need. In fact, no scientific evidence makes a correlation between bone loss and high protein diet intake. On the contrary, there are some research findings, saying that high protein intake boosts calcium absorption, muscle strength and bone mass even though the development may be small with some people.

Some people think that taking high protein diet can cause increased calcium accumulation as they believe that increased protein intake may cause acid-base imbalance. This is why some people think that this eating pattern may affect bone loss. However, there is no scientific evidence to prove this assumption.

Does high protein diet affect kidney health?

A misconception about the relationship between the health of kidney and high protein diet is quite prevalent among us. In fact, people who are already suffering from chronic kidney disease may have trouble coping with extra intake of protein.

The reality is different. When you start to take high protein diet, your kidney starts to filter in an increased rate. This increased filtration is termed as hyper filtering and this is a natural adaptation mechanism employed by the kidney. You may compare the situation with that of a person training his cardiovascular and muscular system. Strength training forces your muscular and cardio system work better. The same way increased intake of protein boosts kidney’s filtering mechanism.

It may be assumed that high protein diet may affect the function of kidneys in a negative way only when the person has pre-existing condition. However, it is not yet objectively proved. Having a high protein diet does not create any problem if the person is healthy. At the same time, this protein helps improve the health of kidney and bone. On the other hand, poor intake of protein can be really harmful and cause disaster to your bone health.

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