[Image] Sweat is Fat Crying!

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The See-Food, Reach-Food Diet

While most people gain weight due to stress eating, there is also ‘’see-food’’ eating. This has nothing to do with eating sea food but has everything to do with eating everything that is within your reach. The ‘’see-food, reach-food diet’’ works amazingly in slowing down your weight loss goals.

Can This 1 Unique Spice Help to Fight Abdominal Fat?

Did you know the unique relationship between cinnamon and abdominal fat lose? Well, research now shows that you can easily lose abdominal fat with cinnamon. Cinnamon is among the oldest spices to be documented. In Egypt centuries ago, cinnamon was a special flavoring agent and was used for medicinal purposes as well. Now fast forward to the modern times and most people assume that cinnamon is put in sweets and apple pie. There is more than meet the eye…I tell you. Ongoing research now proves that cinnamon use may help lower blood sugar level.

Oprah’s Weight Loss Rules

If you are unable to handle this stage with tact, you can easily become frustrated and discouraged and most probably you will consider quitting. Keep pushing forward and never give up! Remember that virtually everybody passes through this tricky phase. In this article, I’d like to share Oprah’s weight loss experience with Bob Greene, her fitness expert and friend with you.

Are Whole Eggs or Egg Whites Better for You?

“Stay away from egg yolks…they are loaded with nasty cholesterol and fat.” This statement is not new to many. But do you really think egg yolk is bad for you? To set you straight, egg yolk is healthy and full of nutrients. By throwing the yolk, you do not enjoy the most antioxidant-rich egg portion.