Can Juicing Lead to Lasting Weight Loss?

Juicing has several benefits, but it is mostly used as a method to lose weight quickly. A lot of dietitians recommend juicing briefly in the ‘detox’ stage of a diet plan so that dieters are ready for the lower calorie program after that. Some diet plans include juicing for a longer period of time. The question is whether juicing results in lasting weight loss, because it’s no use if you gain back all the weight you lost again after a short time.

Can Juicing Lead to Lasting Weight Loss

In reality, you’ll find that you have eventually gained back the weight you lost after juicing. Some people even end up weighing more than before the diet. This happens because most of the weight you lose while juicing is water weight instead of fat. Also, there is a lack of fat and proteins in this diet, which results in dieters losing muscle mass instead of fat. This could eventually lead to your having a slower metabolism.

Some people can still maintain their lowered weight after a juicing diet, provided they continue a healthy lifestyle that includes a proper diet and exercise. This is, of course, necessary after any kind of diet if you want to maintain weight loss. However, you’ll still gain back some pounds after juicing, since it’s a kind of fast so it can be expected of it.

This kind of fasting can be beneficial for losing weight in one way; it helps get rid of your bad eating habits. By following a diet strictly, you can control your cravings and addictions, so that when you return to your normal diet, it’s easier for you to eat carefully and more healthily.

The question of whether lasting weight loss can be attained through juicing can be answered with a yes and a no. If you continue following a healthy routine after juicing, then it is possible to stay fit. However, don’t think of juicing as a magical cure. It is, rather, just the first step towards a fitter and healthier lifestyle. Read here if you want to know what are the other three juicing mistakes can sabotaging your health.

That doesn’t mean that you should avoid juicing altogether. It has several health benefits that your body will get if you balance juicing with proper diet. To lose weight, combine a diet plan that includes unprocessed foods and regular exercise with juices to achieve optimal results. Do remember that juicing alone should only be done as a temporary fast for detoxing, instead of making it your sole diet for losing weight in the long term.

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