Can Acai Berries Really Burn Fat?

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Acai berry and its by-products are catapulted into so many controversies because of the two big issues.  First is its contribution to weight loss. Second is the money scam designed by producers or marketers. The products in the form of pills, juice, and powder ingredients for recipes spread to almost all parts around the globe. But its popularity and somehow notoriety starts in the U.S


Acai berry can be found in the Central and South America such as Belize, Brazil, and Peru. It is abundant in the Brazilian Amazon, a place that is rich in vegetation, due to its swampy soil. So a trip by boat will lead your eyes to the rows of acai berry plants along and near the river banks.

Many Brazilians cultivate this plant because the markets highly need it. It’s money, indeed. The berries or the fruits are sold locally, nationally, and even internationally.


An acai berry plant is similar to any other palm plants. It has pinnate leaves and can grow more than 25-meter high. Its fruits attached themselves to the pinnacle. The fruits are as big as the blueberries, round, and either green or dark purple in color. These fruits are hard so they are usually consumed in the form of powder.


acai berry best way to burn fat
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Nutrients found in acai berry fruits. A 100 g acai berry fruits is zero in saturated and unsaturated fat. It is high in water content which is 87 g. Calorie is 51 which is just small. These are usually the nutrients that those individuals who want to burn fat are considering about.

But these nutrients are not proven to burn fat just like any other fruits do. Instead, acai berries can be a good product to use if you are into a weight-loss plan because they are very less likely to make you fat. But why do others consume acai berry? It is because of its high antioxidant content. Especially, the dark purple one, it is rich in anthocyanin that is also found in blueberries and other fruits and vegetables with dark colors. So, this goes that acai berry is safe if you are into fat-burning exercises and you also take antioxidant.

Read here for the study about the antioxidant in acai berry that is conducted by a couple doctors.


Other producers or marketers exaggerate the contributions of acai berry to the body. Well, there is no question in its antioxidant content. But to say that acai berry can burn fat is the question here. Actually, many are deceived by the latter so they buy. And because there are many who want to try the products, producers or marketers create money scams. For instance, those customers who want to cancel their card for payment can’t do so. This taints the good side of acai berry to the body.

Watch this video in order to find out who these two big personalities being caught in acai berry controversies are.

So buying genuine and safe acai berry products is not bad at all. Considering the rich antioxidant it contains is already a wonderful contribution. Do not just think that it can burn your fat. At least, it is not the food that can cause the build-up of fat in your body.

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