Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) Calculator

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) Calculator Best Way To Burn FatBasal Metabolic Rate (BMR) / Calorie Calculator will help you to find the amount of energy expended while at rest in a neutrally temperate environment. An easy way to estimate the calories burned.

BMR is the amount of energy, measured in calories, expended while at rest.  The body is using energy even while sleeping and this is when BMR is at its lowest. The BMR  calculator for women and men uses the Harris Benedict equation to determine basal metabolic rate.

Basal metabolic rate accounts for approximately 70% of energy expenditure. Men have a higher basal metabolic rate than women. The higher your lean body mass is, the higher your basal metabolic rate.

Once you have used the BMR calculator for women and men to determine basal metabolic rate, the daily calorie calculator can be used to determine caloric needs based on activity level.

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