Avocado: A Healthy Fruit Choice

It has been proven that foods containing saturated fat are bad for health. This can be true to some foods only and there’s nothing to worry about this if you eat an avocado daily. Avocado is loaded with healthy nutrients that our bodies need every day.

So, what makes an avocado a healthy fruit choice?

Best Way To Burn Fat | Avocado - A healthy fruit choice

1. Rich in antioxidant. Specifically, avocado is rich in carotenoid antioxidant. Antioxidant is known for protecting the cells from being damaged. For instance, the green flesh of avocado that attaches to the peel contains lutein, a carotenoid, which is good for the eyes. Now, you can keep your eyes naturally healthy.

2. Laden with oleic acid. Half of the fatty acid composition of avocado is made up of the oleic acid. This kind of fatty acid does a lot of wonders to our body. It can help our brain function well, make our heart healthy by augmenting the cardiovascular system and lowering heart disease, and control blood sugar level.

3. Mostly unsaturated fat. One avocado contains 15 grams of unsaturated fats. This is another reason why it is friendly to the heart. And it is not just the heart that benefits from this. Some other parts of our bodies can benefit from this by maintaining a regular, healthy amount of fat. And avocado can be the best way to burn fat as well, if you have excess fat somewhere.

Though avocado has 3 grams of saturated fat, this is so small to worry about. Recent studies have shown that saturated fat is not always associated with bad health like increasing the cholesterol content in the body. It still depends on the amount and food that saturated fat comes from. Even avocado is one of the seven “fatty” foods that can help you to get a flat stomach, and an article that published in CNN shows avocado as one of the 7 foods that flight fat.

You can find out more healthy facts about avocado at WebMD: 8 Healthy Facts About Avocados.

For detailed nutrients content, read at:

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I have been eating avocados for years now because they are abundant in my place. I see nothing wrong about eating this every day. In fact, it is a delicious, satiating, and healthy food. Find out more in this video entitled “How to Eat an Avocado: Nutrition Benefits, Tips & Preparation. Please ensure you watch this video until the end. Highly recommended by me.

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By Daniel N. Alexander
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