Asparagus: Your Another Partner For A Successful Fat Burning Plan

Some people are crazy about the hype on the best way to burn fat. Here and there, there are many tips to do in order to shed off the excess or unnecessary fats in the body. There are drinks, exercises, and foods that are introduced to them. Actually, there’s nothing wrong about all these as long as the tips are true.

Fat-Burning Vegetable Asparagus
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Believing in asparagus as a good partner on how to lose weight naturally makes the person right. According to some reports, this vegetable contains helpful nutrients that can lead to a successful fat-burning plan.

Check the article “What Foods Such as Asparagus Are Considered Fat Burning Foods?” to know the result of Johnny Bowen’s study about asparagus and the other foods.

1.  Calorie-negative. A food that is said to have negative calorie means it takes more calories for it to digest than what it really has. Asparagus is low in calorie but it takes more calories to digest it because of its fiber composition. Out of 100 g cooked and boiled asparagus, the USDA reported only 22 g of calories.

2.  Inulin. This phytonutrient makes asparagus a good way to lose weight. Inulin is also called by health practitioners as “prebiotic”, which aids in good digestion process and invites the good bacteria to do it. Check this article for more details about inulin.

3. Asparigine. This is a diuretic that helps clean the body drive out the wastes. Fats and other food components that are not needed by the body can be excreted and will not be stored as fats through eating asparagus.

4. Fiber. Last but definitely not least, fiber is very important in an every best way to burn fat plan. 2 g fiber can be taken from 100 g cooked and boiled asparagus. Fiber is a satiating component of plants that will make your stomach full and thus discourages you from eating anything unnecessary and unhealthy.

The nutrients found in asparagus explain why this vegetable is loved by many bodybuilders and good health enthusiasts.

I’m sure all of us want to prepare a healthy asparagus meal. Don’t worry. Here is an “Easy Asparagus Recipe” video.

This is one of my favorite dishes: Asparagus Stir Fried With Prawns

Stir Fried Shrimp With Asparagus
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By Daniel N. Alexander
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