Are Raspberries the Best Way to Burn Fat?

Is Raspberries best way to burn fat

There are studies that show the possibility of raspberries to burn fat. However, these studies are tested on animals such as rats and not yet on humans. Despite this, raspberries are one of the most favored fruits eaten daily.

The article “Raspberry Ketones” provides the details about the fat-burning potency of this fruit in animal.

Every time we eat, we are concerned of the nutrients we take in. For instance, we want to know how many calorie, fat, carbohydrates, fiber, and vitamin contents we’ll get. Among these, let’s look at the raspberries nutrients that can help us in weight loss.

1. Rheosmin. This is a phytonutrient that is also called as raspberry ketone. It is the one believed to have the ability to burn fat by increasing the metabolism, heat, and oxygen in fat cells. So the fat cells will be used and will not accumulate in our body.

Read here for more information about rheosmin in raspberries.

2. Fiber. This is also important because it aids in digestion, prolongs the feeling of having full stomach, and removes the bad cholesterol. No wonder fiber-rich foods are always recommended in weight-loss diet.

3. Calorie. Calorie is the main contributor for fat deposition. Though it is very important in our body but too much of this is not healthy. Especially if you have excess fat, you need to eat foods that are low in calorie. Raspberries have 52 calories only out of 100 g. This is a very safe level of calorie.

4. Water. Foods that are low in calorie are also loaded with water. 100 g of raspberries contain 85.75 of water. Water is very important in keeping your stomach full and keeping you from eating anything unnecessary.

Reference: USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference

Eating raspberries daily is not a problem. There are so many nutrients we can get from them. As long as we combine them with daily exercises, we can be in good shape and in good health.

Because raspberries are a sensitive fruit, you need to know the basic safety and storage procedure in the article “Raspberry nutrition facts”.

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