Are Beetroots Good for Juicing?

Beets or beetroots, can be found in many types of meals. These popular vegetables are so versatile when it comes to cooking. Beetroots can be boiled, roasted, pickled, steamed, and so on. The list is endless! A common question that is asked is if beetroots can be juiced? And yes they can!

Healthy Diet Food ,beetroot Juice And Salad

Benefits of Juicing Beetroots

Beetroots are very good for the overall health of the body. Drinking beetroot juice is definitely a healthy choice. Health benefits include:

● Aids in controlling conditions such as high or low blood pressure
● decreases instances of some cancers in the gastrointestinal tract
● Excellent source of iron. Beetroot juice can be a treatment for anaemia, as well as be used as a preventative measure.
● Will stop calcium from accumulating in blood vessels which is a preventative measure against heart disease
● Beetroot is full of vitamins that are important for overall health
● Improves energy for exercise.

By including beetroot juice in your diet you can enjoy all of these great benefits plus many more.

What are the Negatives?

Using beetroot juice daily has two minor issues that need to be pointed out; taste and cost. But the good news is that these issues are easily fixed. Purchasing beetroot juice can be costly at $7 per 16 ounces. For some $7 could supply them with a day’s worth of food. To make adding beetroot juice a part of your daily routine more affordable try buying all natural beetroots, (with the roots attached), and juicing them at home.

The other negative is that because of its taste, beetroot juice is hard for many people to drink. This is easily remedied by mixing the juice with good tasting fruit or vegetables. Taking the extra time to blend it with something else for taste is worth it because of the health benefits you will receive even blending beetroot juice with just one vegetable, like carrots, makes a good drink.

If you have thought of trying beetroot juice, now is a good time to just try it. Being a super healthy food, beetroot will help you to feel so good. Juicing at home will save you money. To avoid getting bored with drinking the same juice mixtures, be sure to add your beetroot juice to a variety of different fruits and vegetables, and don’t forget that this will help with the taste too!

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