Apple: Partner for the Best Way to Burn Fat

Apple | Best Way To Burn Fat

Aside from the bunch of vitamins, minerals, and phyto-nutrients that an apple has, it is also loaded with weight-loss nutrients. Isn’t this sound interesting? Well, I can feel that those who are into activities for burning fat are eager to know more about an apple. And those who are planning to lose weight can benefit a lot from reading this.


Apples are good for you and your metabolism. The active ingredient in apple pulp is pectin. Pectin is a soluble form of fiber that helps reduce bad cholesterol by keeping it in the intestinal tract until it is eliminated. Pectin also creates a sensation of fullness and suppresses appetite. Apple pectin can help eliminate lead, mercury and other toxic heavy metals from human body.

Those who are into body building can find this site engaging and beneficial.

For specific details of nutrients in an apple, read this report from USDA.

Nutritionists and dieticians have done extensive studies in order to reveal to us the real nutrients found in an apple. And we are interested to know the weight-loss nutrients in there.

1. Water. A 100 g apple contains 85.56 g water. This is so high that makes it a very good partner in burning-fat activities. During the said activities, the body excretes a lot of fluid. In addition, the body craves for food because its energy is being used and wants it to be replenished. Apples are one of the best foods to eat. Its high water content makes a stomach full for hours.

2. Calorie. Since calorie is being strictly controlled in a burning-fat plan, the foods are also strictly chosen. It is a given fact that a too high calorie is not good in losing weight.  Fruits like an apple are highly recommended because of a few calories. A 100 g apple fruit contains 52 calories only. So, it is easy to compute how many apples daily are to be eaten. And they contain a lot of nutrients than other snacks have.

If you have been eating foods prepared in fast food, you need to watch this video – Calories In An Apple.

For apple selection, preparation, and storage, “Apple fruit nutrition facts” article provides brief details about these.

However, it’s important to wash apples thoroughly and to avoid eat apple seeds which can be poisonous.

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