5 Drawbacks of Juicing to Consider

5 Drawbacks of Juicing to ConsiderStaying healthy and fit has become very essential for everybody nowadays and everybody wants to achieve high levels of fitness to live a healthy life. Drinking of too many juices has also become very common as juices are considered to be a part of the healthy diet and people tend to drink lots of juices instead of eating food especially in the summers. However there are a few people who are strictly against this trend and believe that it will be over soon.

Before making a change in your routine, you should always consider the drawbacks that it would cause and today I’m going to tell you about some of the drawbacks of having a diet that relies heavily on juices:

• Many people believe that a juice diet can help you lose weight very quickly but according to the scientific studies, it has been proved that only juice won’t help you achieve the desired results however you’ll require a balanced diet and lots of exercise to achiever your purpose.

• Another important drawback of juicing is that when we extract the juice from a fruit, we usually remove the pulp from it and only tend to drink the plain liquid part. This plain liquid juice lacks fiber as the pulp inside the fruit contains all the fiber and fiber is also required by the human body to remove hunger until your next meal hence e you’ll always feel hungry if you opt for a juice diet.

• A juicing diet is not very cheap as it requires a lot of fresh fruits from which the juice is extracted and you’ll also have to buy a juicer so you will have to spend a lot of extra money if you opt for this kind of diet and it might not be affordable for some people so it is not for everybody.

• If you are juicing, there a precautions that you need to take for your safety. You should thoroughly wash all fruits and vegetables with soap and water or with a specialized food cleaner. Once the fruit and vegetables are juiced, it needs to be consumed immediately for food safety.

• Lastly, as juicing removes fiber from both fruit and vegetables, what happens is that your body will begin to absorb the fructose in these foods. This occurrence is directly related to disturbing your normal blood sugar levels. It is important to pay attention to early signs of a reaction to juicing, especially if you have an underlying health condition.

These are the 5 drawbacks of juicing to consider and you should keep these in mind before opting for such a diet.

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