4 Health Facts from Turkey Breast

Health Facts from Turkey BreastResearch on turkey for human health has been part in many studies of poultry. But much of the research has focused on chicken meat. But to those who do know yet that turkey is also a good source of meat, they may try, and possibly eat more, its nutritious meat.

1. Maintain healthy appearance

Everyone knows the importance of protein in the body. This is not anymore strange since the nails, hair, muscles, and many parts in the body are formed because of protein. Get a good amount of protein from eating cooked turkey meat. For instance, a menu that has 4 oz. of turkey contains 32g protein. It already supports 65% of the daily recommended amount of protein.

2. Make yourself disease free

Meat is nutritious and delicious. But the like of red meat is not anymore healthy if eaten every day. White meat such as turkey breast can be substituted instead because it is safer from several diseases such as diabetes, colon cancer, and heart disease. Turkey breast has lower calories and fat.

3. A nutrition of powerhouse

B vitamins are plenty in turkey breast. This group of vitamins is essential for body metabolism and energy production. 27% of niacin, selenium, and zinc can be taken from a small serving of turkey breast.

Selenium is another reason why eating turkey breast can make you cancer free as it can eliminate the free radicals in the body. Also, it makes the thyroid gland and immune system healthy.

4. Stay full longer

Protein can increase the hormones responsible for making you full longer. Turkey breast is rich in protein, which is friendly to those who want to lose weight.

Thus, turkey breast is undoubtedly a safe, nutritious, and tasty lean meat. It is good for all unless you have an allergy from it.

Want to make a roasted turkey breast? But how? Please watch this video now on how to make a roasted turkey breast by Danispies (Yummy…) :-

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By Daniel N. Alexander
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