2 Main Factors Causing Weight Gain on the Scale

2 Main Factors Causing Weight Gain on the ScaleYou may notice that when you weigh yourself daily, your weight fluctuates between days. Or if you weigh yourself in the morning and again at night, your weight will be different. These daily fluctuations can be frustrating and bring us down.

Keep in mind that several things may be causing this fluctuation, and it does not mean that your hard work is not worth it!

1. Losing Water

Many popular diets involve drinking lots of liquids while restricting caloric intake. These fads show incredible results in the beginning, often showing a loss of pounds on the very first day! This loss is water not fat, and when you return to eating normally, the water weight usually comes back.

Note that water retention can happen because of dehydration, too much salt or menstruation. Control retention with drinking plenty of fluids and using less salt.

2. Muscle Weight Gain

It is likely that if you are doing an exercise regimen along with your diet change, you may notice an increase in your weight. If so, don’t be alarmed. This increase of weight could be due to the increase of muscle that happens as a result of exercise, especially weight training.

The reason the scale number increases is because muscle is more dense than fat. To help you take the focus off the number on the scale, use a measuring tape to keep track of inches lost instead of pounds. Losing inches, shows the muscle that you’ve gained and the scale just gives a number!

These two culprits are the main reasons for fluctuation, but there could be other causes as well. Don’t be too worried when your scale is showing different numbers at different times. If you are worried that you are not losing weight or that your weight seems to change too much, stop weighing every day and pick a weekly time to weigh instead. Weekly weigh ins are usually a more accurate reading of weight loss or gain. And this weekly reading in is a more important number to focus on.

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