100% Whole Wheat Bread for Healthy Weight and Heart

100% Whole Wheat Bread

100% whole wheat bread is composed of the bran, germ, and endosperm of its grain. It is completely different from the refined wheat in which the bran and germ are removed. But the exclusion of these two parts makes refined wheat less nutritious.

With the rise of the idea and practice that eating healthy and nutritious is very important these days, this kind of wheat processing comes in great demand. Though the prices are a little higher than the refined wheat but the health benefits it can give to humans are priceless.

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The following are the nutrients that 100% whole wheat bread can provide to all.

1. Fewer calories. Both overweight and diabetic individuals would be glad to know this nutrient content. Calories are common factor for weight gain and diabetes. They can cause the development of fats and the increase of sugar level in the blood. Through eating this kind bread, they will only get fewer calories compared to eating bread made from white flour.

Access here the comparison of the nutrients between whole wheat flour and white flour.

2. Good source of fiber. Fiber plays a vital role in slowing down the digestion of food. This kind of digestive action can make individuals less prone to hunger. It can also help remove the wastes products from the guts and intestines, and free from harmful bacteria. Instead, the good bacteria or probiotics will increase in number making the digestive system healthy.

Plus, fiber can lower the bad cholesterol or LDL. It will help remove the cholesterol out of the body and thus will clear the blood vessels that are clogged by cholesterol.

There are so many nutrients that this kind of wheat product offers to all humans. Check them on “WHOLE WHEAT BREAD NUTRITION”.

Choose 100% whole wheat bread for healthy digestive system, heart, and blood vessels. Daily consumption of this bread, if you are not sensitive to gluten, can make a great difference to the overall health.

Simple Whole Wheat Bread” shows an easy process of making a homemade wheat bread.

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3) 100% Whole Wheat Bread

This recipe makes 8 loaves of dense, tasty and nutritious 100% whole wheat bread.

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